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Former Labour Senator’s son Michael Harte wins BAFTA for editing Netflix documentary 'Don’t F**k With Cats'


Donegal's BAFTA winner Michael Harte. Credit: BAFTA

Donegal's BAFTA winner Michael Harte. Credit: BAFTA

Donegal's BAFTA winner Michael Harte. Credit: BAFTA

A son of a former Donegal Labour Senator has won a BAFTA for Best Factual Editing in blockbuster Netflix documentary 'Don’t F**k with Cats: Hunting an Internet Killer' tonight.

Former Senator Jimmy Harte’s son Michael Harte won the prestigious award at tonight’s online event, hosted digitally for the first time ever due to the pandemic.

Michael is the son of Jimmy and Mary Harte, who have four children together - Michael, Amy, Lochlainn and Saibh.

Michael was nominated for an Oscar and a BAFTA last year for his work in Three Identical Strangers, a documentary about triplets who were separated at birth.

Speaking to Independent.ie tonight, he expressed his delight at the win.

“We were watching the BAFTAS on an iPad in Regent’s Park [London] with my partner Claire who’s due next week.

“I’m over the moon, it’s a cliche but it was a real team effort and it’s so nice that the team were recognised in this way, there was a lot of hard work and late nights.”

He said that due to the title of the documentary having a curse word in it, he hoped that the documentary would “go under the radar” for fear of offending his grandmother.

“When I work on docs, it’s always good to tell my granny so she can watch them.

“I kinda had to hide it from her, because of the title, so I said, you know, let’s just never tell her about this and hopefully it goes under the radar.

“Unfortunately, we’ve won a f****ing BAFTA tonight, so it’s going to be hard to hide it from granny any more,” he laughed.

The widely acclaimed documentary, which had Netflix lovers talking when it was released in December 2019, is a three part true crime series about an online manhunt.

Michael said that winning tonight is a real high for the Donegal family as it went through a “tough” time in 2013 after the former Senator suffered a major health scare in 2013.

“He’s been in and out of hospital for the last six years so it’s a nice thing for us to enjoy and to take our mind off other things,” he said.

He added that before the lockdown, he returned to Ireland once every two months but has not been back to Donegal since the pandemic began.

“To be honest, if there was anywhere I’d rather be tonight, it would be in Donegal having a few drinks with my family and friends.”

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