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Thursday 21 November 2019

Former Irish soccer star must sell caps to pay debts

Dave Langan (centre) with former internationals Alan Maybury and Niall Quinn
Dave Langan (centre) with former internationals Alan Maybury and Niall Quinn

Sam Griffin

FORMER Ireland international Dave Langan is planning to sell all of his career memorabilia and hopes to move into a caravan in an effort to pay off debts of over €30,000.

The 56-year-old Dublin native, who had successful spells with Birmingham City and Derby County before his career was cut short by injury, also revealed he hasn't received "a single penny" for the biography he brought out last year because the publishers have gone out of business.

Langan took to Twitter during the week to confirm he was selling off all his memorabilia, including his 26 Ireland caps and three player of the year awards from his time in England

"This is a really bad time for me and I need to raise money. This is my only way. I have no other choice," he explained to the Irish Independent.

"I'm devastated to lose my Irish caps. They mean the most of all to me. I've no idea how much they're worth or what I'll get for them. They're worth more than a few quid to me, that's for sure."

He also plans to sell his numerous man of the match awards and his league winner's medal he won with Oxford in 1986, among many other items.

The popular right-back, who is now physically disabled following 13 operations on his back and knee, said he was forced into the decision to sell the merchandise after his work hours were cut by half.

Langan had recently been working as an aide to the mayor of Peterborough in the UK. He says the majority of the money is owed to several banks after he struggled to meet mortgage repayments.

"I owe around €30k to various banks and building societies. I just kept adding to it and it spiralled out of control and the interest is going up and up."

Langan's financial difficulties have been known for some time. A special benefit night was organised for him in 1999 and several online petitions have called for an international testimonial for the former star.


Last September, 'Running Through Walls', a biography chronicling Langan's career, hit bookshelves here and in Britain in an effort to meet his rising medical costs. However, just three months later, the book's publishers went out of business and the former footballer has received no money.

He thanked his fans following a massive outpouring of support on social media websites after he announced he would be selling the memorabilia and said he took "great strength from the fact people still remember me".

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