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Former head of security for Sultan of Brunei hired to safeguard home

MILLIONAIRE gambler JP McManus employed a top security specialist and more than doubled the size of his security force after his palatial mansion -- the biggest home built in the country in more than 100 years -- was completed.

Daniel Elliot, an independent security consultant who worked as head of security with the Sultan of Brunei in London for 20 years, came to work for the McManus family in 2009 when he was asked to upgrade their security system at Martinstown.

The number of security staff was increased from four to 10, supplemented by a supervisor, following the construction of the 40,000 sq ft residence and expansion of the surrounding estate.

Mr Elliot told yesterday's hearing that he was experienced in dealing with security for high profile individuals in the equine industry.

The main house entrance is protected by metal gates underneath an archway with removable bollards inside for extra reinforcement. All access to the property is recorded and a security dog is also on duty. Security guards work 12 hour rosters.

Irish Independent