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Former Green TD Dan Boyle suffered severe liver infection


Dan Boyle

Dan Boyle

Dan Boyle

Former Green Party Senator and TD Dan Boyle has revealed he is recovering from a severe liver infection.

Speaking on Today with Sean O'Rourke on RTE Radio, the Cork native said a friend encouraged him to see a doctor after Christmas after prolonged flu-like symptoms. Mr Brown said he tried to put off visiting the doctor for as long as he could, which he said was "typical of a man".

Mr Boyle was booked into Cork University Hospital, where he thought his visit would be brief, but he ended up going through "several hours of tests".

"It wasn't an experience I'd like to repeat. There were spots on my liver. It was an infection and a fairly bad one at that," he said.

"They attached a tube and a bag to what they thought was the largest source of infection on my liver."

This was to drain the infection, but over the next few days, Mr Boyle had three bags draining the infection from his body.

Despite the experience, Mr Boyle said he is now recovering from his illness.

"I'm fine, considering this is enveloped to a month of my life. I'm amazed at where I've been and what I've come from," he said.

"I would have never experienced this level of sickness before."

Mr Boyle is set to contest the local election later this year, but is more concerned about getting his health back.

"My priority is to get my health back. The local elections are almost four months away. I'm hoping to knock on doors as soon as possible," he said.

"I'm doing what I can as I can and every day my energy levels are improving."

Mr Boyle, who is also studying for a Masters Degree from UCC, heaped praise on the medical professionals who looked after him throughout his ordeal.

"The level of vocation we have with our direct services is not acknowledged enough," he said.

Mr Boyle ran in the 2011 General Election but did not win a seat and the Green Party were wiped out, with no candidates securing a position.

Jason Kennedy

Irish Independent