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Thursday 18 January 2018

Former garda changes from Siochana to a shaman role

Pat Dillane
Pat Dillane
Conor Feehan

By Conor Feehan

From Siochana to Shaman – Pat Dillane is a former garda who is now practising ancient ceremonies and retreats.

Pat swapped his uniform for a robe after suffering a head injury during a robbery while he was stationed in Dublin in the 1990s.

However, he is thankful for his new life in the quiet surroundings of his Waterford retreat.

As the Halloween appetite for channelling the spirit world and transcendental energies reached its peak last night, Pastor Pat told of |how there is an increased desire for finding answers beyond mainstream religion.

He now spends his time performing hand-binding ceremonies in place of weddings, naming ceremonies instead of baptisms and uses crystals and pendulums to clear bad energy and spirits from houses and land.

But Pat has found that his 20-year career as a garda has helped in his present role.

“You become a good judge of character and speaking in front of courtrooms gives you a level of confidence in addressing groups.”

Pat reached a crossroads in his life while stationed in Dublin’s Stepaside.

“In 1998 we were responding to a robbery at the Golden Ball pub and somebody had set fire to a car as a diversion,” Pat explained. “I got hit on the head with something. I don’t know what.”

He was discharged from the force four years later in 2002 on health grounds.

His website says he performs the role of Pastoral Shaman which means being available to tend to all the spiritual and pastoral needs of those who seek comfort, support and learning.

“Over the years Pat had a keen interest in spiritual matters.

In fact it was this interest that lead to his education with the Salesian order at Ballinakill. Here during his formative years he developed a magical relationship with crystals and what might be called the faerie world,” it adds.

“In adult life he formalised this interest by pursuing studies and workshops in areas dealing with the non physical aspects of all life on the planet including the planet itself”


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