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Former footballer tells of chronic pain condition

A chronic pain sufferer today spoke of the daily agony of his condition and how medics can do nothing for him.

Former Shamrock Rovers footballer Stephen Wilkie broke his leg, ankle and foot in several places 15 months ago during training and was diagnosed with the debilitating condition.

He said the burning sensation he sufferers in his leg keeps him awake at night and renders him largely unable to work despite using morphine patches and tablets.

Doctors have told him his condition will never improve and they fear it will spread to other areas of his body.

"It's still quite horrific. There's not a lot they can do," the 32-year-old said.

Mr Wilkie is unable to sleep because the sheets of his bed rub against his leg and he cannot walk for hours after getting up.

"The burning never stops. It's there 24/7," he said.

The former midfielder is a father to three girls aged 11, five and one, yet he says he cannot lift them.

"People just don't understand what's going on. Every minute of every day, you're in absolute agony," he said.

"People have no concept."

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