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Forget Paris -- Cork in top 10 cities to visit

Forget about Paris, Amsterdam and Rome -- Cork is the city to visit.

The Yahoo search engine has compiled a list of the top 10 European cities to visit and Cork is among the recommendations.

The must-see list was made up using reviews from the book '1,000 Great Holiday Ideas'.

The top 10 cities include Antwerp, Valencia, Munich, Rotterdam, St Petersburg, Edinburgh, Gothenburg, Lyon, Cork and Thessalonika.

The traveller reviewer is quoted as saying: "'The only good thing to come out of Dublin is the road to Cork', is an apparently popular saying among the proud dwellers of Ireland's former 'Rebel city'."

Cork is described as a buzzing town with a "burgeoning arts, culture and restaurant scene".

It goes on to say that the city is "an invigorating mixture of cramped 17th-Century alleyways, snug old pubs, top cuisine and modern architectural masterpieces".

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