Wednesday 17 January 2018

For the record: how her greed was exposed in court

"I would buy the things I wanted around me. Carol Hawkins bought cornflakes." -- Mr Clayton denies his housekeeper was in charge of buying art and furniture for his Danesmoate mansion.

"My way of operating was quite simple -- the house was run by her, and the U2 business ran everything else. . . I didn't need Carol Hawkins to do my shopping. I'm perfectly capable of doing it. We all live in the same world." -- the bassist explains his business model.

"She had my absolute trust." -- Mr Clayton puts his faith in his housekeeper.

"I have tried to pay for something and there is not enough money on the card. . .

Somewhere between eight and 10 times it was declined in either America or the UK." -- even rock stars have credit card woes.

"These were crimes rooted in greed and nothing else. Whether she was a fool or clever person matters very little." -- Judge Patrick McCartan.

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