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Monday 22 January 2018

Footballers rescued after being swept out to sea by dangerous rip-current

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A safety warning has been issued by the Bundoran RNLI in Co Donegal, after a group of footballers were swept out to see by string rip currents in the area.

On Saturday morning the crew of the Bundoran RNLI were requested to launch to Tullan Strand in Bundoran.

A group of footballers, who had been training on Tullan Strand, entered the water to cool down following their session.

However the strong currents at Tullan began to carry a number of them out to sea and into the rocks.

Onlookers raised the alarm and a group of surfers in the area were able to enter the water on boards and help the footballers to safety.

A number of players were brought to Sligo University Hospital as a precaution.

Some were treated at the scene for bruising while others had swallowed water.

In a statement posted on the Bundoran Lifeboat website, James Cassidy who head the Bundoran RNLI said:

"Thankfully everyone is safe this afternoon and we would like to wish the group well following what must have been a frightening experience. We would remind locals and visitors alike that Tullan Strand and particularly the area along the cliffs is notorious for rip currents and under currents and is really not suitable for swimming. Rips are strong currents running out to sea which can catch even the most experienced beachgoers out.

"They can take you from the shallows very quickly and leave you out of your depth. Bundoran’s main beach is supervised by lifeguards all summer long and provides the best option for safe, supervised swimming during the summer period.

"Should you get caught in a rip, the best advice is to stay calm and don’t panic. If you can stand, wade. Don’t try to swim. If you have an inflatable or board, keep hold of it to help you float. Raise your hand and shout for help loudly. Don’t swim directly against the rip or you will get exhausted. Swim parallel to the beach until free of the rip, then make for shore," he added.

Sligo-based Rescue 118 helicopter was also dispatched to the scene and a coastguard lifeboat was also involved in the operation.

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