Sunday 17 November 2019

Footage emerges of dog 'frightened and confused' dog left tied to tree near rehoming centre

Little terrier Pudsey is now making a great recovery. Photograph: Fran Veale
Little terrier Pudsey is now making a great recovery. Photograph: Fran Veale
Aoife Walsh

Aoife Walsh

Footage of a dog being tied to a tree and abandoned by its owner has been released by a dog welfare charity.

Dogs Trust shared the film of little Pudsey - a Jack Russell terrier - which was left across the road from its rehoming centre in Finglas, Co Dublin.

As soon as a staff member spotted the frightened pup, the Dogs Trust veterinary team took him in.

Pudsey was found to have severe dental disease, which meant he had to have four teeth removed.

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The team also found he had alopecia and sores on his front legs.

Head of operations at Dogs Trust Karla Dunne said Pudsey was scared and confused when he was found on the busy road, but is now making a great recovery.

"A staff member spotted a small dog tied to a tree, just outside the gates to our rehoming centre," Ms Dunne said.

"The man could have brought him into our centre where there were staff there to attend to him immediately, but instead he chose to abandon him, frightened and confused beside a very busy main road until someone spotted him.

"Due to the dental disease, poor Pudsey had to have four teeth extracted but thankfully this won't affect his ability to eat and the little fella is recovering well from his ordeal."

The CCTV was shared just as the dog welfare charity revealed that between January and October this year, more than 1,900 people across Ireland had contacted it looking to surrender their dogs.

Dogs Trust executive director Becky Bristow added: "Dogs Trust coined the phrase 'A Dog Is For Life, Not Just For Christmas' over 40 years ago and we are still urging people to think carefully about the type of dog they want in terms of behaviour, not just looks.

"They must be extremely selective about whom and where they source it from.

"It is vital that people undertake as much research as possible to ensure they obtain a healthy, responsibly bred dog and to avoid impulse buying at the 'click of a mouse'."

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