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Folk legend Furey fit again after heart scare

FOLK musician Finbar Furey revealed he almost died when he suffered a heart attack on his wedding anniversary a month ago.

Furey (66) finally got the all-clear from his doctor three days ago, but was only saved by the quick reactions of his wife and medical experts.

He had returned to his Dublin home from golfing with his sons Martin and Finbar when he suddenly became ill.

He was about to travel into the city to meet acquaintances in O'Donohue's pub about a Bangkok gig – and later join wife Sheila for a 44th wedding anniversary dinner.

But a coughing fit started, and he felt what he thought was indigestion striking after eating some Belgian chocolate.

Sheila, a former nurse, quickly recognised he was suffering much more than indigestion. "You're having a heart attack," she told him, as daughter Katriona phoned the ambulance.

Furey credited the ambulance crew and heart specialists Dr Niall Mulvihill and Dr David Mulcahy, who treated him at St James's and Tallaght hospitals, with saving his life.

He reckons another part of what saved him was his fitness levels.

He is a former amateur boxer, played football and hurling, and is already back on the golf range.

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