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Flylight with self-weighing bags

MICHAEL O'Leary might not be impressed with the entrepreneurial skills of two young Irish inventors.

But regular air travellers are snapping up their novel product, which could help save hundreds of euro in check-in charges.

Noel Regan and Pat Madigan were inspired after noticing hundreds of people at airline check-in queues having to transfer belongings from one bag to the next -- or even dispose of their possessions -- to meet the airline's weight criteria for baggage.

The two men from Murroe, Co Limerick, designed a self-weighing luggage bag, which is flying out of their warehouse -- with 350 sold in the first 10 days of trading.

They have created two types of 'Flylight' travel bags -- one for the aeroplane's hold and one to carry on.

The two bags retail at €79.99 per set.

Irish Independent