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Flyers forced off jet after Ryanair bag fee 'mutiny'

PASSENGERS on board a Ryanair flight were forced off the plane after a scuffle broke out over the cost of carry-on baggage, writes Luke Byrne.

More than 100 passengers were taken from the plane on Saturday, shortly before it was due to leave Guacimeta Airport on the Spanish island of Lanzarote for Charleroi in Belgium.

It is understood the disruption happened when Ryanair tried to charge a passenger extra for carry-on baggage and his friends on the plane 'mutinied'.

The pilot radioed for police support and the plane was evacuated.

Of the 168 passengers taken off the plane, only 64 were allowed to reboard.

"Following disruptive behaviour, the police required for security reasons that this group be refused travel," Ryanair said.

Irish Independent