Monday 19 August 2019

'It wasn't just a pothole, it was a crater'

Allison Bray with her new wheel Photo: Caroline Quinn
Allison Bray with her new wheel Photo: Caroline Quinn

Allison Bray

We have all made the same mistake. Myself and four other drivers came across the same heavily flooded section of the R127 at Blake's Cross, Dublin, during heavy rain yesterday afternoon.

To avoid oncoming traffic and the deepest section of flooded road, we veered slightly to the left shoulder thinking we would escape the worst of it. Big mistake.

I heard a horrible crunching sound from the front of the car, followed by the tell-tale thud as my punctured front tyre limped along the road before I could pull over at a farm gate.

To my amazement, two other cars were also parked there, their owners surveying the damage in the downpour.


Andy Geraghty, from Skerries, Dublin, lost both passenger-side tyres despite his best efforts to avoid a mishap.

"There were cars coming towards me and I stayed as much as I could to the left but then the car went down and blew both tyres," he said of hitting a massive pothole he described as "more like a crater".

Carmel Ruigrok, from Lusk, Dublin, punctured a tyre, unable to see the flooded pothole which also ruptured another driver's tyres and caused serious damage to the undercarriage of another car.

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