Saturday 16 December 2017

Flogas accused of being 'sneaky' with price rise

Charlie Weston Personal Finance Editor

MORE than 25,000 gas customers have been hit with a "sneaky" price hike.

Gas provider Flogas has been accused of being underhanded after it emerged that it is putting up prices for domestic customers but made no public announcement.

Household gas bills will surge by €75 over a year to close to €840 on average after the price rise, which came into effect on Monday.

Rivals Bord Gais pushed up gas prices by 8.5pc on the same date, with Airtricity hiking gas prices by the same percentage on October 15.

Bills have shot up by €235 in the past year following a 22pc rise this time last year and a rise in the carbon tax element of gas bills earlier this year, according to Simon Moynihan of price comparison website

Chairman of the Consumers' Association Michael Kilcoyne accused Flogas of being "sneaky".

"The fact that the Flogas rise was not announced to the media is sneaky and shows the regard these utility companies have for their customers," he said.

A spokeswoman for Flogas said it didn't announce the rise because it was a small player in the natural gas market with around 27,000 customers "and the increase will only affect a small proportion of households".

She added that Flogas had indicated in September that there would be a price rise.


Electricity prices have just gone up for around one million homeowners who are with ESB/Electric Ireland, and Airtricity customers are also facing a steep rise in electricity prices.

The move by ESB/Electric Ireland to raise electricity prices by 5.9pc from last Monday will see the average bill shoot up by €64 a year, to close to €1,200.

Airtricity's electricity and gas prices are going up from Monday, October 15.

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