Saturday 24 February 2018

Five men in one family hospitalised after huge drugs binge

Barry Duggan

FIVE men from one family hospitalised following a drugs-fuelled party are suspected to have consumed large quantities of cocaine, alcohol, Xanax and morphine tablets.

It is thought that the morphine tablets were stolen from a cancer sufferer.

The Irish Independent has learned that at least two of the men took up to 18 prescription tablets.

Gardai in Limerick city are continuing to investigate the incident as two of the men remain in hospital.

All five are from a well-known Limerick family who live on the southside of the city.

The drama unfolded in the early hours of Monday when emergency services were contacted at 12.30am to attend the scene of house party in the Southill estate of O'Malley Park.

A young man there who had consumed morphine and Xanax tablets along with alcohol and cocaine was slipping in and out of consciousness.

He was said to be in a critical condition at one stage, but is said to be recovering following intensive treatment by medics. Family members remained at his bedside yesterday.

Six hours after the first man was taken to hospital, another man was brought to hospital suffering with similar symptoms. He was also continuing to be treated there yesterday.

At 7.30am on Monday, two further men arrived at the same hospital after complaining that they were feeling unwell.

It is understood that they told medics they consumed up to 18 prescription tablets which they claim that they found on the ground.


At 11am on Monday, the fifth and final relative was brought to hospital for treatment.

The first two patients were still being treated yesterday while the other three men have since been released.

All five men are suspected to have consumed large quantities of morphine, Xanax, cocaine and alcohol.

"How at least two of them didn't kill themselves is beyond me. That amount of drugs and alcohol consumed would level a horse," a source said.

Investigating gardai have sent a small quantity of drugs recovered for forensic analysis.

Morphine tablets are used by cancer patients for pain relief. Xanax tablets are prescription drugs used by people for relief from excessive anxiety and are also used to treat panic disorders.

Officers believe the morphine tablets were stolen by an unidentified culprit from a cancer patient in the city.

Irish Independent

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