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Wednesday 18 July 2018

Five key findings in report on 'disinformation' issue

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1. 'Fake news' will no longer be a term used by the European Commission as it has been "used misleadingly by powerful actors to dismiss coverage that is simply found disagreeable". The report states that 'disinformation' "goes well beyond term 'fake news'."

2. Online platforms such as Facebook and Twitter should have to sign up to a Code of Practice accepting responsibility for their role in fighting 'fake news'.

3. Governments should recognise media and information literacy as a core subject, adding it into the school curriculum. The HLEG says governments should "mandate teacher training colleges to include critical media literacy modules and encourage critical media literacy to become an integral part of all subject-learning, lifelong learning for teachers".

4. EU member states should support media that provide a trustworthy public information service. This could be by way of VAT exemptions or other types of tax breaks.

5. The EU should create a network of European Centres for Research on Disinformation, which should link up fact-checking organisations, scientists and members of press councils.

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