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Five crash deaths spark rail safety campaign

A MAJOR safety campaign is being mounted in the wake of five deaths in crashes between vehicles and trains and 96 "near misses" at unmanned railway crossings nationwide.

Most of the motorists and their passengers who cheated death in "near misses" did so after unattended railway gates were left open by other drivers, it has been revealed.

In the past decade alone, there have been 21 crashes between trains and motorists, new figures disclosed.

The Road Safety Authority, Irish Rail and the Railway Safety Commission launched 'Safety at Level Crossings,' a new public-awareness campaign aimed at making road users aware of the correct behaviour at railway crossings and the dangers posed by their misuse.

Transport Minister Leo Varadkar said: "Road users should always be conscious of the dangers posed by level crossings. The State also has a duty to raise awareness of the risks."

Irish Independent