Wednesday 17 January 2018

Five apps replacing text messages

1. Whatsapp

Irish users: 800,000

The $19bn (€13bn) purchase by Facebook lets you text and picture-message people online for free using your phone numbers as your identifier. It recently added voice calls.

2. Facebook Messenger

Irish users: 1.2m

With over two million Irish Facebook accounts, it's no surprise that so many use Facebook Messenger as a way of chatting to friends instead of operator SMS texts.3. Snapchat

Irish users: 650,000

Insanely popular among teenagers and young adults, Snapchat's main features is that text and picture messages are designed to auto-delete after a few seconds.

4. Viber

Irish users: 1.05m

Viber lets you call and text for free on your phone. Like Whatsapp, it uses your phone number as your identifying account.

5. Twitter

Irish users: 750,000

Almost half of Irish Twitter users say they use the service every day. While not as prolific for direct messaging as rivals, it's seen as a way to contact new acquaintances quickly.

Irish Independent

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