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Fiscal Treaty Referendum: 39pc of Irish voters undecided on May 31 vote


THE RESULT Of the European Fiscal compact treaty next month is uncertain with 39pc of voters undecided, according to a new poll today.

A total of 30pc of voters in the Irish Times Ipsos MRBI poll said they would vote Yes while 23pc said No, 39pc were undecided and 8pc said they would not vote at all.

At the same stage in the Lisbon Treaty poll campaign, the Yes side had a much greater lead – but the proposal was rejected by the electorate.

Fine Gael voters were the strongest supporters of the European stability treaty referendum with 54pc supporting it, 9pc against and 34pc undecided. Labour voters are also favouring a Yes vote with 33pc for it, 17pc against and 46pc undecided.

Sinn Fein voters will vote No with 48pc against, 12pc Yes and 33pc undecided.

Dublin is split on the issue while Munster is most likely to vote Yes and Connacht Ulster is coming down strongly on the No side.

The poll, which was taken among 1,000 voters earlier this week, also shows that 58pc of Irish people believe Ireland will need a second IMF/EU bailout, while 24pc don’t think so and 18pc had no view.

The Irish Times reports that when asked, 66pc of voters said it was better for Ireland to be part of the EU, while 22pc wanted out and 12pc had no opinion.