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Firms' €200 parking levy delayed again

THE long-delayed car parking levy has been pushed back yet again, this time until January.

Commuters will have to fork out €200 a year under the controversial plan to encourage city workers to use public transport rather than their cars.

But opponents last night claimed the litany of delays and technical issues proved the October 2008 proposal was simply unworkable.

Government sources said the levy would come into force in the new year and would first affect workplace parking facilities in Dublin's main business area.

This is thought to mean the areas between the Royal Canal on the northside and the Grand Canal on the southside.

Sources said department officials were working toward a January start date but this had yet to be signed off on by Finance Minister Brian Lenihan.

The levy will be piloted in Dublin city centre first, before being extended to Cork, Galway, Limerick and Waterford.

A survey by AA Ireland recently revealed that 68pc of motorists were opposed to the levy, with only 25pc in favour.

If and when the parking levy is fully implemented, it will affect some 50,000 parking spaces and boost the Government's coffers by €10m.

Irish Independent