Tuesday 16 January 2018

Firm used in 'bug' sweep is counter-espionage specialist

Tom Brady, Security Editor

THE security consultancy firm which investigated the feared bugging of the Garda Ombudsman Commission's headquarters at Abbey Street in Dublin, is the London-based Verrimus.

The company says it provides worldwide counter-espionage and critical information defence services.

It says this service is centred on technical surveillance counter measures, which are defined as "the protection of marked, commercially sensitive or private information from hostile gathering by technical attack methods, leading to loss or unauthorised disclosure of data or information, through the detection, identification, location and denial of technical surveillance attacks".

The company, which was established as Verrimus Ltd in 2012, confirmed yesterday it had carried out the investigation for the Ombudsman Commission.


On its website, it lists a number of staff involved in its core bug- sweeping service. These include:

* Retired British Army major "Eddy", who is a former electronics engineer with the military with over 35 years' experience of communication equipment and IT.

* Retired British Army major "Chris", who had over 34 years of military service, most of it with special forces.

* "Simon", a specialist operator, who was formerly employed by specialist intelligence and security services, where he received his training, and went on to operate at government, law enforcement and commercial levels worldwide, and "Tony", another specialist operator with 22 years' British Army service.

Verrimus warns potential clients looking to book a consultation that they should not call or email from any device or area believed to be bugged.

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