Saturday 18 November 2017

Firefighters show off 12-minute technique to save victim's life

Members of Dublin Fire Brigade show how to cut away a car from around a crash victim yesterday.

Above: a

'flip-over' car shows a person seated inside the effectiveness of seat belts in a roll-over crash.

martin nolan / robbie reynolds

IT takes just 12 minutes for fire-fighters to remove the roof and doors from a car and hopefully save the life of the road traffic collision victim inside.

Dublin Fire Brigade yesterday demonstrated how 'removing the car from the person' can make the difference between saving a life and adding to the grim death-toll statistics.

Because paramedics have easy access to the patient, it means that vital medical equipment and supports to help prevent spinal injury can be used on the patient.

"We take the car away from the person, not the person from the car," station officer on D Watch (Tara Street) Shane Somers explained.

"The first thing we do when we arrive is talk to the person, and make sure they're looking straight ahead. A member of the crew holds their head steady in case there's a spinal injury. We stabilise the patient and then we check for injuries."

Crew use cutting equipment, standard on all tenders, to cut through the body of the car, literally peeling away the doors and roof. It takes just 12 minutes, less in some cases.

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