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Fire engine fleet lying idle despite €1.5m cost

ALMOST €1.5m has been spent on vehicles for the Dublin Fire Brigade that are not being used.

This is despite some of the fire-engines being bought as long as four years ago.

The delays in putting the vehicles in to operation are being blamed on the slow pace of modification work which must be carried out before they can be pressed in to service.

A spokesman for the Dublin Fire Brigade has confirmed to the Irish Independent that the list of unused vehicles includes three ambulances which were bought earlier this year for more than €100,000 each.

The spokesman said the ambulances were still being "fitted-out" and would be in service before the end of this year.


Other vehicles which have yet to see active service include a "foam tender Scania" purchased in 2007 for €328,938 and two "class B appliance" vehicles which cost €495,000.

They remain unused because of unfinished "modifications".

In 2009 around €212,000 was spent on a vehicle described as an "emergency tender" which still hasn't entered service.

Information originally supplied to the 'Medical Independent' shows that more than €4.4m has been spent by the brigade on vehicles and ambulances between 2007 and 2011.

Irish Independent