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Finian keeps the local old dears happy with a mouthful of fudge

Word reaches us of a public meeting on the fiscal treaty in Donny-carney in the heart of Finian McGrath's Dublin North-Central constit-uency on Tuesday night.

Sources tell us Finian was asked his exact position, and impressively managed to hold forth on the treaty without saying if he is for or agin it.

And we were also told the old dears of Donnycarney agreed with Finian's stance, since they couldn't make their minds up either. But the Independent was the butt of more jokes in the Dail yesterday morning.

"I hear Deputy McGrath is on the Yes side in Clontarf," the Taoiseach said, chiding Finian about a perceived pro-treaty area in the constituency.

Clontarf, however, is more Richard Bruton kind of territory. Never mind them Dail bullies anyway, Finian. The old dears of Donnycarney think you're dead right -- and that's all that matters.

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