Wednesday 17 July 2019

Fine Gael's press office issued a rather arch release this week regarding the annual 'Review of Fianna Fail's 2014 policies'.

Fine Gael's press office issued a rather arch release this week regarding the annual 'Review of Fianna Fail's 2014 policies'.

A blank page was followed by a brief note to editors claiming that, since Fianna Fail did not propose any substantial policy alternatives in 2014 (nor in 2011, 2012 or 2013), there is nothing to review." The statement goes on to state that Fine Gael "look forward to responding to Fianna Fail should they decide to publish any policies, including their long awaited health policy which Health Spokesperson Billy Kelleher has promised will be published in 'the early new year'." Fight!

Actor Aidan Gillen discusses former Taoiseach Charles Haughey's sex appeal in this week's 'The RTE Guide'. "He was known as a rogue and a charmer and had this sex appeal," Gillen said. "I couldn't see that then. He didn't look like Robert Redford. But I understand it now." Is it just me or are the words "sex appeal" and "comb-over" diametrically opposed?

As a rule of thumb, in broadcasting it's never the best idea to assume that someone you're interviewing is an OAP - especially if they work in the business we call Show. So I could sympathise with poor aul' Red Hurley when RTE broadcaster Damian O'Reilly suggested on RTE's Countrywide that Hurley had reached "pensionable age". "I have not!" Red exclaimed. "I started out in this business when I was 17."

It was a case of mistaken identity for TD Aodhan O Riordan (left) when on New Year's Eve a party-goer mistook him for Maura Derrane's other half, John Deasy.

The lady returned 20 minutes later having realised the gaffe. "You're Aodhan O Riordan," she said. "Sinn Fein?" I know they say politicians are all the same, but there are limits - aren't there?

Brace yourselves: RTE talent show 'The Voice of Ireland' returns to our TV sets this weekend.

After three years of selecting completely forgettable singers, it sounds like mentor Niall Breslin is now blaming the performers for sinking without trace.

"What has annoyed me over the years are the singers who just want to be spoon-fed," he said. "From my point of view, I don't think it's very creative. I like someone willing to push the boundaries." That explains it, then.

What a difference a year makes. Caroline Wozniacki (left) decided to put her rollercoaster 2014 behind her by posting an online message one year to the day that her ex, Rory McIlroy, proposed to her.

"Isn't it crazy how we can look back a year ago and realise how everything has changed? The amount of people that have left your life, entered and stayed. The memories you won't forget and the moments you wish you did. It's crazy how all that happened in just one year," she posted on Instagram. The Danish athlete is unlikely to forget 2014 in a hurry.

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