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Fine Gael TD – I won’t vote for abortion legislation with suicide grounds


Brian Walsh,Fine Gael deputy for Galway West

Brian Walsh,Fine Gael deputy for Galway West

Brian Walsh,Fine Gael deputy for Galway West

A Fine Gael TD has confirmed he definitely will not be voting for abortion legislation, that includes the threat of suicide as a grounds for termination.

Fine Gael TD for Galway West Brian Walsh is the first TD to categorically state he won’t vote for the legislation and accepts he will lose the party whip.

He says it is clear legislation providing for abortion in the case of suicidal ideation “is seen as a stepping stone to abortion on demand” by pro-choice TDs.

Mr Walsh told the Irish Independent he won’t be supporting legislation that will be introducing the X case.

“In light of the evidence presented before the Oireachtas Health Committee, I would like to see the question of suicidal ideation put to the people in a referendum. This is a matter that concerns women’s health and one that should not be decided by a parliament constituted 85 per cent by men.

“I want to make it clear that I fully support the Taoiseach and this Government. But I have a responsibility to the people that I represent and, if I knowingly participate in the enactment of legislation that is fundamentally flawed, I would be failing in that responsibility,” he said.

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