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Saturday 7 December 2019

FINe Gael TD Eoghan Murphy is trying to prove that he's a tough guy much like his brother Killian Scott's character Tommy in 'Love/Hate'.

FINe Gael TD Eoghan Murphy is trying to prove that he's a tough guy much like his brother Killian Scott's character Tommy in 'Love/Hate'.

The young turk has written to homes in his Dublin South Bay constituency letting voters what a busy summer he has had marching at the Pride parade, going to FG barbecues and taking part in National Bike Week.

But our eye was particularly caught by the good news that outdoor gym equipment has been installed on the promenade by Sandymount Strand.

"Now you can work those guns in the sun!" the TD wrote.

The outspoken member of the little listened to 'five-a-side' rump in Fine Gael has a lot to learn when it comes flexing muscles.

Sharon Osbourne (inset) made news last week after she attacked U2 on Twitter for giving their new album away for free on iTunes.

She has now gone further during an appearance on a US talk show, accusing Bono and the boys of cheapening music.

"We're not all billionaires. We're not all in your world. So stop with your 'doing us a favour by giving it all away for free'. Keep it to yourselves!" she said.

Personally I wouldn't have thought that the €100m the band got was that cheap.

Reporters are often sent into dangerous situations but we wouldn't have put Edinburgh down in the list of risky dispatches. However, RTE's 'Crimecall' presenter Philip Boucher Hayes has had a rough time while covering the Scottish referendum.

"Got mugged in Edinburgh this morning. Paid £200 to get recording equipment back. Was told I was 'lucky you're not English'," he tweeted, with the hashtag 'charming'.

Presumably he got a receipt for his expenses.

The latest charge from Louis Walsh's stable of pop stars is up and coming boyband Hometown.

The six rising stars have a busy schedule ahead as they are preparing to release their first single by the end of the year, as well as starring in the 'Aladdin' pantomime in the Olympia Theatre.

With thousands of fans already reaching out to the guys on social media, what is the one piece of stellar advice their silver-haired manager and mentor has shared with them?

"Just stay grounded, be nice to everyone you meet and work hard," the boys chimed.

"You have to remember everyone, because there is nothing as bad as if you had met someone before and then you go up to them, and then they are like 'oh hi' and you are trying to think for ages. Just remember everyone."

However, the interview then took an awkward turn as they failed to remember the names of the two reporters who had introduced themselves just four minutes before. Ooops!

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