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Tuesday 23 January 2018

Findings of the Accord research on marriage

l Marriage remains a desirable outcome for most Irish people and most expect it to be for life.

l Twice as many people agree most married couples they know are happy as disagree (51pc as opposed to 23pc)

l There has been a slight decline in support for cohabitation as a trial arrangement (64pc in 2014 compared to 67pc in 2006)

l Agreement with the lifelong commitment to marriage is higher among 25-34 year olds than several older age cohorts.

l 65pc of Irish adults believe a child is more likely to grow up happy if raised in a home with a loving mother and father. Agreement tends to rise with age but even among under 35s, nearly six in 10 agree.

l The percentage of people who believe couples who marry should make a life-long commitment to one another, to be broken only under extreme circumstances, was higher than in 2006, at 61pc compared to 54pc in 2014.

l In 2014 32pc agreed that "couples who have children ought to be married" whereas 46pc agreed in 2006.

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