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Sunday 18 March 2018

Filling my newfound free time is a problem I'm happy to solve

Now that I find myself living in the idyllic limbo between finishing my exams and getting my results, I am confronted with the exceptionally satisfying conundrum of trying to fill the exorbitant amount of free time that has suddenly come into my possession. Unlike the horror stories of Project Maths, it's a problem I am happy to solve.

Yesterday was my first taste of the freedom that has been denied me for so long and it was certainly a joyous reunion. I find that considerable chunks of time can be melted away by sleeping in, taking a ridiculously long shower and painting my toenails blue while listening to Blondie's greatest hits. A morning well spent.

The afternoon increased in productivity when I decided it was time to reclaim my room from the chaos of notes and books threatening to engulf it. My desk has been transformed and my walls actually look bare without the decor of definitions and quotes.

Lovingly maintained hardbacks, meticulously ordered notes and crumpled worksheets that have long been forgotten now reside in the depths of the recycling bin -- not quite a fitting tribute to the hours that were spent writing them.

My room is now devoid of any evidence that would indicate my Leaving Cert ever even occurred. "And then she woke up and realised it had all been a dream . . ." -- if I suddenly wake up, my reaction would be comparable with the rage of an English teacher who sees that sentence at the end of a short story.

So now that my room has been de-Leaving Certificated, it's time to sort out my brain, which seems intent on believing I should still be studying and sends little shock-waves of panic every now and again to inform me of this.

It'll take some time, but I'm sure I'll soon forget everything I have been cramming into my mind for the past year. Remind me again, what was the point of all of that?

Yesterday evening saw me tackling the merciless difficulties of false eyelashes while marvelling at the hilarity of Sheldon Cooper. Two things struck me: chemistry really didn't seem all that difficult any more, and if I had even half of Sheldon's intelligence I would own the Leaving Cert.

It was a very pleasant introduction to the endless possibilities freedom has to offer and I look forward to spending the rest of the summer experiencing and discovering many more!

India McGirr is a pupil at Gorey Community School, Co Wexford

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