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Figurines made in memory of Shane

Mary Geoghegan with her son Anthony (left) and Tom Oscar Maye (7), who is a first cousin of the late Shane Geoghegan (inset). Don MoloneyTHE mother of an innocent rugby player who was shot dead in a case of mistaken identity has called for teamwork in the battle against criminal violence.

Mary Geoghegan -- whose son Shane (28) was murdered as he walked home in Limerick in 2008 -- was speaking at the launch of a 'Pitch for Shane' yesterday in the city.

It is hoped that 10,000 terracotta clay figures will be formed for a major display in time for the third anniversary of his death.

More than 4,000 clay figures, including one made by Taoiseach Enda Kenny, have already been moulded and set.

Members of the public can make their own figures at the Continental Market on Michael Street, Limerick, this weekend, or every Saturday morning in the Milk Market in the city.

Yesterday, Mrs Geoghegan said Shane's family "are delighted with this unique memorial".

"The Pitch for Shane is a way for everyone to be involved and show their solidarity. We appreciate enormously the imagination, creativity and energy Margaret -- his aunt -- has brought to this project," Mrs Geoghegan said.

All clay figures will go on display -- as one of the largest art exhibitions in the country this year -- at City Hall in Limerick for six weeks from November.

Earlier this year, a jury failed to reach a verdict against a 24-year-old man who was charged with Mr Geoghegan's murder.

A retrial is scheduled for next year.

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