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Fifth suspect in murder of Michaela freed

THE fifth suspect in the murder of tragic Michaela McAreavy has walked free.

Seenarain Mungoo (39), a security guard at the Legends Hotel where the 27-year-old honeymooner was strangled last month, was freed without charge by a Mauritian magistrate yesterday.

The father-of-one had been implicated in the murder by suspect Dassen Narainen and was arrested on January 19.

But yesterday, the Director of Public Prosecutions ruled that there was insufficient evidence to support the provisional charge of conspiracy.

Mr Mungoo said he would take a civil case against the Mauritian government, after he spent 25 days in custody "for no good reason."

Four suspects remain in custody over the murder. Two of the suspects, hotel room cleaners Abinash Treebhoowoon (29) and Sandip Mooneea (41) have been charged with murder.

Mr Treebhoowoon allegedly confessed the pair accidentally killed Michaela as they tried to silence her when she caught them stealing from her purse.

Mr Mooneea denies the allegation and Mr Treebhoowoon claims he confessed only after being tortured by police.


Two other men have been charged with conspiracy to commit murder.

Mr Narainen, who implicated the freed fifth suspect, has allegedly confessed to providing the pair with the room key.

Meanwhile the fourth suspect, Raj Theekoy (29), allegedly admitted failing to raise the alarm after hearing screams.

All four are facing provisional charges and are being held while investigations continue.

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