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Wednesday 18 July 2018

Fianna Fáil leader Micheál Martin hints that households who haven't paid water bills should be chased down

Micheál Martin. Photo: Arthur Carron
Micheál Martin. Photo: Arthur Carron

Barry Lennon

FIANNA FAIL leader Micheál Martin hinted that households who have not paid water bills should be chased down to pay up.

The charges are set to be scrapped after Fine Gael edged closer to a deal with Mr Martin's party on Irish Water in government-talks.

The leader's belief may now encourage bill-payers to pay up after many put off payment following uncertainty over Irish Water's Future.

Mr Martin told the Dail that “what is lawfully owed should be paid,” on a debate on the water utility this afternoon.

“Unlike others our position is that you don't pick and choose what lawful payments you make,” Mr Martin said.

“As democrats it is up to us to use legimate democratic means to change policies and this is exactly what I said repeatedly, before during and after the Election.”

“I believe that the legitimate place for the future of water policy to be settled is here in the Dáil.”

Both parties are set to suspend charges while an independent commission reviews continued charges.

However, a Fianna Fail source said this could lead to and effective end to future billing during this Dail term. 

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