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FG to soften us up with pre-Budget policy blitz

FINE Gael is planning to soften up the public on the cuts and taxes in Budget 2014 with a hard-sell of the party's economic policies on the eve of its announcement.

Just days before the delivery of the Budget, Fine Gael will gather in Finance Minister Michael Noonan's political backyard for a blitz of party policy.

Fine Gael is holding a mini-ard fheis in Limerick in October on the weekend before Mr Noonan's Budget speech with another €3bn worth of tax hikes and spending cuts.

The party will use the media exposure it receives to flag up the anticipated end of the bailout and also to champion its policy perspective.

Fine Gael strategists have specifically picked the date to ensure the Budget is the primary focus of the event. The Labour Party isn't holding its national conference until after the Budget, later in October.

But Fine Gael feels it is better to go for the coverage early, rather than waiting for the public backlash from the Budget. The conference will be held in the South Court Hotel on October 11 and 12, with Budget 2014 due on October 15.

Irish Independent