Monday 23 April 2018

FG ministers face sack if they fail to measure up

INCOMPETENT ministers will be sacked if they fail to live up to expectations, Fine Gael leader Enda Kenny said yesterday, writes Aine Kerr.

The work of top civil servants and ministers would be heavily monitored, with the work-plans of some 1,300 public servants being published online.

Mr Kenny vowed to remove ministers who failed to live up to the highest standards imposed by him, if he was Taoiseach.

"If they don't measure up, they will be sacked," he said.

The Fine Gael leader said it was a privilege to be appointed as a minister and with that came huge accountability.

Those appointed to ministerial office would be "expected to measure up" or would lose their position.

Cutting the number of TDs by 20, abolishing the Seanad, and ending the system in which all ministers get a chauffeur-driven ministerial car are also on the agenda when it comes to political reform.

The party plans to halve the size of the Department of the Taoiseach, transforming it into a cabinet office that oversees the delivery of a new Programme for Government.


New people would be brought into policy-making across all departments, and all appointments at principal officer level and above would be open to external competition, according to the party.

At least one-third of such appointments would be reserved for candidates from outside traditional civil service structures for a five-year period.

Mr Kenny added that no civil servant or politician, including the Taoiseach, would earn above €200,000 if Fine Gael got into government.

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