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FG man hounded because he looks like Batt

A FINE Gael councillor has claimed his biggest political obstacle is that some people confuse him with Fianna Fail's Enterprise Minister Batt O'Keeffe.

Derry Canty is from the same town of Ballincollig, Co Cork, as Mr O'Keeffe.

His home is located near the veteran Fianna Fail TD and they share a similar phone number.

The councillor even has the same build and grey hair as Mr O'Keeffe.

This has led to a few unfortunate cases of mistaken identity -- with Mr Canty being publicly confronted several times about Government policy and the IMF-EU bailout.

"I keep telling people they've got the wrong man but they don't want to listen," he said.

Mr Canty -- a former Mayor of Cork County -- said he is now considering carrying identification around with him just to prove the point.

"If it gets any worse, I'll have to start carrying my birth cert with me," he joked.

Mr Canty said he also felt the Enterprise Minister now owed him a 'thank you' for the grief he had inadvertently taken on his behalf over recent months.

But he is determined that, come the General Election, there will be no case of mistaken identity.

"I'll carry a placard saying: 'Would the real Batt O'Keeffe please stand up.' He's the elder lemon of this duo," he laughed.

Mr Canty is part of a three-candidate ticket being run by FG in the three-seat Cork North West constituency, alongside Michael Creed TD and Aine Collins.

The party is determined to win back the second seat which they held for decades.

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