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Monday 23 July 2018

FG leader targeted in hate-mail campaign

Caroline Crawford

Caroline Crawford

TAOISEACH Enda Kenny is coming under sustained attack over the abortion legislation, receiving up to 50 abusive calls a day and hundreds of graphic images of dead babies.

Mr Kenny's constituency office in Castlebar, Co Mayo, has been under siege from protesters for months with a barrage of calls branding the Fine Gael leader a "murderer" and warning that he has been excommunicated.

Mr Kenny's parliamentary secretary Ger Deere has also received abusive calls including one from a female caller who said she hoped his children would be born severely disabled.

A protest group has also gathered outside the office every day for the past two weeks.

However, Mr Kenny has not been at his Castlebar office during that period.


Mr Deere confirmed that many of the barrage of calls were "very abusive" and "extreme".

"We've had calls calling the Taoiseach a murderer, saying he has blood on his hands and has been excommunicated.

"We're getting a huge volume of mail to both the Castlebar and Dublin office, hundreds of pieces a week and many of them show images of dead foetuses," he explained.

The office is continuing to receive between 30 and 40 calls a day on the matter, the majority of them from pro-life campaigners.

They are also receiving several hundred protest letters each week, with many of them containing graphic images of dead foetuses.

"The majority just want to put across their views but we're getting quite a lot that are very nasty," explained Mr Deere who added that he is receiving the abusive calls as late at 1am in the morning.

Last night, the Pro Life Campaign rejected the Taoiseach's t reference to alleged intimidating or unpleasant contact from people concerned about the Government's abortion proposal, saying he is out to demonise the pro-life movement.

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