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FG deputy won't have penalty points for speeding put back on his licence

A FINE Gael backbench TD has said he is not going to seek to have two penalty points for speeding put back on his licence – after they were mistakenly given to his wife.

Fine Gael Wicklow TD Andrew Doyle confirmed that he had no penalty points on his licence either then or since – meaning there was no risk of his losing his licence.

He said he did not know if it was possible to put the penalty points back on his licence for the speeding offence in 2009 but he was not going to do so now.

"I didn't deliberately avoid them. I tried to get the points on my licence at the time," he said.

Neither the Department of Transport nor the Garda Press Office could say whether a driver in Mr Doyle's situation could have penalty points put back on their licence if they missed the 28-day appeal period.

Under the Road Traffic Act 2002, an owner of a car who receives a penalty points fixed charge has 28 days to declare that another person was driving the car.

In 2009, Mr Doyle was caught by a speed camera on the M11 in Wicklow at around 2.30am while driving back from a late night Dail session on setting up NAMA. He was using the family car registered in the name of his wife Ann. He posted back the penalty points notice to say that he was the person driving.

But he said he had been told the form arrived too late – and the points were added to his wife's licence.

A further complication is that Mr Doyle's penalty points were awarded in late 2009 and would have expired by now.

Irish Independent