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FF says Shatter must clarify if he has information on others

JUSTICE Minister Alan Shatter must answer questions on whether he was given confidential information on other politicians or citizens, Fianna Fail justice spokesman Niall Collins says.

Mr Collins renewed his calls on Mr Shatter to resign and said: “The longer this goes on the more questions it throws up that Alan Shatter isn’t answering.”

It comes ahead of Mr Shatter answering Dail questions this evening on his use of garda information in a political attack on tax cheat TD Mick Wallace.

“It’s fair to ask why was he in receipt of such a briefing, why did he use information from that briefing in the manner that he did," Mr Collins said. "What was the nature of the briefing? Was it verbal, was it written?

“What other examples of members of the public, citizens or indeed public representatives were given to the minister?”

He said it was too coincidental that Mick Wallace came up as an incidentally during a briefing, as Mr Shatter put it.

“The minister has used private and privileged information that came into his possession and that is highly questionable and I think he should resign, I really do.

“It’s questionable why he was privy to it in the first instance, and has he received briefings of a similar nature pertaining to other people. Has he used that type of information against people in the past?”

Mr Collins said Mr Shatter had called on Bobby Molloy and Willie O Dea to resign as ministers in the past, and he must apply the same standards to himself.

“Now he finds himself in a very similar type of situation and he is saying he has no case to answer.”

He also said Mr Shatter’s position that he had done nothing “unlawful” was questionable.

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