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Monday 18 December 2017

FF rebel O Cuiv is still upbeat despite Yes from parish

Caroline Crawford

Caroline Crawford

REBEL Fianna Fail TD Eamon O Cuiv was left embarrassed yesterday when his own parish -- and constituency -- ignored his calls for a No vote.

Mr O Cuiv, who had publicly called for a No vote in the treaty before being silenced by his party, lost the vote in his own parish Cornamona. It narrowly voted in favour of the treaty, with 121 for and 119 against.

Mr O Cuiv remained upbeat about his political career after the disappointing result.

"There is no question of my resigning as a TD. It's very clear that I have huge support on the ground. I was representing 42pc of the people," he told the Irish Independent.

Despite the poor showing for the No vote in his constituency, with 58pc voting for the treaty, local councillors insist Mr O Cuiv has the full support of voters. Fianna Fail councillor Seamus Walsh said Connemara was completely behind Mr O Cuiv.


"There is no question of him resigning and no question about his popularity," he said.

Mr O Cuiv said: "You have to stand by what you believe in and I stood by what I believed in and a large number of people in Galway West backed me."

Making reference to the fact that his grandfather, Eamon de Valera, lost a referendum on amending the country's electoral system in 1959 but still proved popular enough to secure the presidency in the same year, Mr O Cuiv added: "There is no distinct relationship between people's respect for individuals and what they chose to vote for in referenda."

Mr O Cuiv said he was now eager for the Government to deal with the issues that remain including bank debt, a stimulus package and a guarantee that there will be no interference with the corporate tax rate.

"I'm looking forward to getting that resolved. If we get all these things, which the Government said we could only do with a Yes vote, then I will take my hat off and say fair play. The Taoiseach will have my full support in that case," he added.

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