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Friday 14 December 2018

'Few people know what their travel insurance covers' - Woman whose brother (53) died tragically on family holiday

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A devastated woman whose brother died while on holiday is warning others about the type of travel insurance they take out when going away.

A woman named Adrian, told Joe Duffy's Liveline that her brother Ciaran (53) died while they were on a family holiday in Spain.

"We went over and he was in great form. He had a pain in his leg but he had a stroke two years before that so the leg used to pain him now and again.

"We went out to get a few beers and he said he wasn't coming. Then he changed his mind and said he would. He was diabetic and he took his bloods and they were very low but after having a can of Fanta his bloods were perfect again. He had a few cans of Guinness and he was fine. On the way home, he was holding onto the railing and he kept saying his leg was sore."

Adrian told Liveline that they all went to bed and everything seemed fine.

"The next morning we went down for breakfast but Ciaran didn't join us. When lunchtime came, we knocked again and he didn't reply but we didn't think anything of it because he used to sleep a lot. Myself and my sister Eileen went out to look around the shops and Eileen called her husband to go and check on Ciaran.

"Fifteen minutes later, her husband rang her and asked us to come back. We knew instantly that something was wrong when we arrived at the hotel and saw a police car but no ambulance."

Adrian said that Ciaran was found dead in his bed, as though he was sleeping peacefully.

"We weren't allowed into the room because police were investigating his death. We were all very upset. We were numb."

Adrian issued a warning to other travellers as her brother Adrian did have travel insurance, but it didn't cover him in the event of death.

"My sister rang up to see what was covered. There was a €10,000 lump-sum but that only covered an accident not a death abroad. Very few people realise that their travel insurance doesn't cover them in the event of a death.

"We didn't know what to do so we decided to get him cremated over there. If we had have brought him home he would have been cremated anyway so we just felt it was better to do it then and there."

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