Monday 19 March 2018

'Fenian b*****ds' - Hotel boss quits after sectarian rant at pub bouncers

Ciaran Barnes

A top hotelier in Northern Ireland has been caught on camera calling pub bouncers “Fenian b*****ds” during a furious drunken rant.

Hospitality ambassador Ramona Wylie (46) was suspended from her senior post at the four-star White Horse Hotel in Derry after being filmed screaming foul-mouthed sectarian abuse when she was refused entry to a bar. 

The Northern Ireland Hotels Federation (NITB) also announced it had accepted her resignation.

Ms Wylie boasted she was from the NITB and told bouncers they were “f***ing Fenian b*****ds” who were “destroying Derry” during a two-minute rant caught on camera.

The 46-year-old financial director of the White Horse Hotel in Derry has been suspended by the company, which last night said it was “shocked and disappointed” by her “totally out of character” behaviour, for which she was deeply remorseful.

Mobile phone footage of the posh sectarian rant has been spreading like wildfire across social media

It began when Ms Wylie was refused entry to a bar in Derry’s Waterloo Street last weekend.

Film footage shows she began by calling door staff “f*****g b******s” and “w*****s”.

Ramona Wylie
Ramona Wylie

Keeping calm, a doorman asks the hotel boss who she is and she replies: “NITB!”

Ms Wylie is a director at the NI Hotels Federation, which works closely with the NITB to attract visitors to Northern Ireland.

Squaring up to the doorman, the 46-year-old screams: “F*****g trying to support Derry f*****g city, you w****rs.

“F**k you, because you know what you are, you’re the f******g, f*****g, f*****g, f*****g b******s that will destroy this city.

Ms Wylie has been suspended from her role at the four-star White Horse Hotel in Derry after her rant was circulated online
Ms Wylie has been suspended from her role at the four-star White Horse Hotel in Derry after her rant was circulated online

“Derry City destroyed. Derry City destroyed by you.”

A man with Ms Wylie ten attempts to usher the drunken company director away, to the relief of the bouncer who remarks: “He’s had to pull her away because she is being so aggressive.”

Hearing the comment, Ms Wylie comes back for more, ranting: “This city, and you w*****s destroyed it.”

Shortly afterwards she screams: “I’m telling you, you are wrong. You know what you are? You know what you are? You’re Fenian b******s.

“I’m trying to bring the tourist board to Derry, to sell Derry as f*****g. F**k off, f**k you.”

Yesterday Ms Wylie refused to comment when asked by the Sunday Life newspaper to explain her behaviour.

The White Horse Hotel has issued a statement explaining the 46-year-old has been suspended pending a full investigation into the “unacceptable” incident outside another business in the city.

The company said: “We at the White Horse are investigating a recent incident which involved a member of our team and staff at another local business.“

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