Saturday 24 March 2018

Fears of further bloodshed after teens shot at bonfire

Gardai at the shooting scene
Gardai at the shooting scene

Alan O'Keeffe

The shooting of three teenagers at a bonfire has led to fears of a further escalation of violence in north Dublin.

The young men were struck by shotgun pellets after a man opened fire at Shangan Green, Ballymun, shortly before 8pm on Monday.

The pellets sprayed out and hit the victims, causing minor injuries to their necks and heads. It has emerged that one of the three injured teenagers had been stabbed in the arm just hours earlier.

The males, aged in their late teens, were taken by three ambulances to the Mater Hospital and Temple Street Children's Hospital, where they were treated for minor injuries.

Local councillor Noeleen Reilly said the attack was "disgraceful" and called for the allocation of increased Garda resources in the area.

She said: "We have never had fewer gardaí on the beat in Ballymun. The shooting last night has shocked the community and we are terrified of an escalation of this violence."

A source said the two incidents were "most likely" connected to a local feud.

The teenager who was both stabbed and shot is linked to notorious criminal Glen Kiely, who was himself injured in a shooting in Ballymun at the start of the year.

Kiely (30), who has more than 40 convictions and was previously jailed for his part in a violent attack on a man, was struck a number of times in January.

It is believed that the attack on Kiely was carried out by members of the so-called 'New INLA' as part of a dispute between gangs that has been ongoing since the murder of Ian McConnell (28), who was shot dead in Ballymun 11 years ago.

The source added: "This incident last night had the potential to be fatal. The shooter fired indiscriminately at a group of men standing at a bonfire from around 40 metres.

"Any number of innocent people could have been injured or worse."

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