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Saturday 16 December 2017

Fatpuss fears for life after Gilligan glitch

Alan 'Fatpuss' Bradley
Alan 'Fatpuss' Bradley

Ken Foy

AN ATTEMPT by gardai to speak with gangster Alan 'Fatpuss' Bradley about who might have shot his former prison pal John Gilligan went badly wrong when fellow inmates learned that detectives wanted to talk to him.

Sources have told the Herald that Bradley "went absolutely ballistic" when word got out. They said he feared he would be labelled "a rat" by other cons and refused point-blank to speak with the officers.

Two gardai from the National Bureau of Criminal Investigation (NBCI) travelled to Portlaoise Prison to try to interview him about the murder attempts on Gilligan, who has fled Ireland.

Bradley is serving a seven-year sentence for his role in a botched raid on a cash van that was carrying almost €1m.

Prison sources said that when the detectives arrived at Portlaoise, Bradley was in the exercise yard with a large number of inmates.

Word quickly spread that the detectives wanted to talk to him.

A source said: "Fatpuss went absolutely ballistic and refused to see the detectives. He is unlikely to co-operate with them any time soon either.

"He's worried that other prisoners will think he is a rat and that his life is in danger."

Senior sources said Bradley (40) and Gilligan (62) built up a friendship behind bars after Bradley was jailed for seven years in April 2012.

The pair were often spotted in each other's company in the following 18 months before Gilligan was released.

It was for this reason that detectives thought Bradley may have had a theory as to who would want to whack Gilligan, who fled to England last month after the latest attempt on his life.


Sources said Bradley is understood to be an enemy of the psychotic Finglas criminal who detectives are sure was the gunman in the first attempt on Gilligan's life in a Castleknock pub last December.

Gilligan's bitter enemy, who is in his mid-30s, previously subjected the pint-sized thug to a savage beating and is said to have a "pathological hatred" of the former drugs baron.

Bradley became a household name in May 2007 when he called Joe Duffy's Liveline radio show, while his associate John Daly spoke on live radio from an illegal mobile phone in jail.

Daly was shot dead less than six months later.

Little has been heard of Gilligan since he fled to England on St Patrick's weekend following a spell in Blanchardstown Hospital after being shot in his brother's Clondalkin home.

He was released from a 17-year sentence for drugs offences last October.

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