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Friday 27 April 2018

'Fat' Freddie no longer welcome in Spain with Kinahan gang cronies

Gangster 'Fat' Freddie Thompson
Gangster 'Fat' Freddie Thompson

Gangster 'Fat' Freddie Thompson is not wanted back in Spain's Costa-Del-Crime by his former cronies in the Kinahan cartel, who now consider him a liability, according to sources.

Gardai believe that Thompson will be based in Ireland after his imminent release from jail, and they are prepared for a massive upsurge in tension when he is let out.


Sources have revealed that the gangster will be closely monitored by gardai as soon as he is released from Mountjoy Prison.

That could happen as early as today, despite his release date being Tuesday.

The thug has been locked up since May of last year.

"One thing you can say about Thompson is that the situation is always much more fraught when he is around the place.

"What happens is you have young fellas going around trying to impress him and then you have his rivals seeking him out to kill him.

"To say that Freddie is a general nuisance would be a complete understatement," a source pointed out.

Thompson (34) is said to be "really looking forward" to being reunited with his young son and wife, Vicky, but it is unknown how long he intends to stay in Ireland.

"Getting out of the country would definitely be the safest move for him, but he was never the smartest criminal around the block, so who knows what he will do," the source added.

A potential flashpoint that detectives will be monitoring is whether Thompson will go head-to-head again with his old adversary, Declan 'Whacker' Duffy, with whom he was involved in a high-profile feud in 2008 and 2009.

'Whacker' has been stepping up his lucrative extortion activities in Dublin's south inner city in recent months.

Thompson was extradited from Amsterdam in May of last year and jailed for 20 months for his involvement in a vicious brawl in a city pub.


In February, he admitted the charge of violent disorder at Morrissey's pub, on Cork Street, on January 2013.

The court heard the pub brawl was sparked by a slagging match and Thompson reacted by throwing a punch and a bottle.

Thompson has been far from a model inmate and spent a number of weeks on a punishment regime in jail in Cork, where he was sent for his disruptive behaviour while in the Dublin prison.


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