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Farmer trampled to death by cow

AN out-of-control cow trampled a 74-year-old Co Clare farmer to death as he came to the rescue of his son, an inquest has heard.

At the Coroner's Court in Ennis, Edmund O'Dea said that there had been no indication of any danger from the cow before she fatally injured his father and lifelong farmer, Michael O'Dea, at the family farm at Clonina, Cree, on May 19.

Mr O'Dea explained that he was in the process of dosing the cow's calf in a field on the farm. "The mother of the calf attacked me and injured me on my leg," he said.

"My father ran down the field to assist me. The mother of the calf then attacked Michael and knocked him down and began trampling on him."

The emergency services were called and Edmund remained with his father as he waited for help.

The jury returned a verdict of accidental death.

Irish Independent