Sunday 22 April 2018

Far from being abolished almost 3,000 extra J1 visas have been allocated to Ireland

There were concerns that President Trump would oversee the scrapping of the scheme

Statue of Liberty New York. Photo: Deposit
Statue of Liberty New York. Photo: Deposit
Laura Larkin

Laura Larkin

Thinking of jetting to the US for the summer? The US State Department of State has allocated an extra 2,600 J1 summer visas.

A statement from the US Embassy said that the 7,000 available visas will bring the number of J1 permits in line with 2015 figures.

The "pre-placement policy" means that people travelling have to secure a job in advance, is still in place.

Numbers dipped when the new stipulation was added in 2016.

Anyone looking to secure a J1 visa is encouraged to begin the application process immediately.

"The U.S. Embassy in Dublin is fully committed to the success of the J-1 programs in Ireland.  In addition to the popular Summer Work and Travel program, Irish students can participate in the Camp Counselor, Au Pair, and Intern programs.  The Embassy is working with Irish government representatives as well as U.S. and Irish program implementers to ensure Irish students continue to benefit from the J-1 programs," a statement from the Embassy said.

The news will be welcome following concerns for the scheme after the election of Donald Trump.

During the former reality star's campaign he appeared to indicate that the scheme would be scrapped, describing it as a scheme for "foreign youths" and said he would prefer to see the jobs given to inner city youths.

However, last December the agreement between Ireland and the US in respect of the visas was signed for another three years.

The J1 programme works in two ways, with both a 12 months visa and a four month summer work visa. The additional allocation refers only to the four months work visas.

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