Monday 23 October 2017

Family's relief as murdered drug dealer's head is found

Christopher Gaffney and sister Rachael.
Christopher Gaffney and sister Rachael.
Rachel Gaffney: with a snap of her with her dead brother

Alan O'Keeffe

THE sister of dismembered drug dealer Christopher Gaffney has spoken of her family's immense relief after the dead man's head was finally recovered.

"I'm so glad his head was found. It's a big relief for all the family," said Rachel Gaffney, a 32-year-old mother of two.

The victim's loved ones endured a terrible ordeal when his body pieces were found in a remote field in Clonee, Co Meath, last month.

The 37-year-old victim's skull was found by garda searchers on Saturday afternoon in the area where his body parts had been dumped in a bin bag.

The convicted drug dealer had been living in Blanchardstown for several years and was reported missing by Ms Gaffney in October.

"They say prayers can move mountains, well, I got the news just an hour and a half before a Mass was to be said for Chris and his father," she said.

"Now we are praying that justice is done and those that did this will be caught and get the longest prison sentence possible," Ms Gaffney said.

Speaking at her home in Dublin's north inner city, she said: "Our da was from Howth and the family had lived in Howth when I was young.

"I was at a cafe in Howth on Saturday evening, waiting for the Mass, when I got a call from a detective.

"He told me they found his head. I was so relieved. Most people are thinking about Christmas presents but I'm thinking I'm just glad that we have his head back."

Ms Gaffney added that she believed considerable time would be required to carry out further tests.


"We will probably not be able to have a funeral until after Christmas," she said.

"But he is complete now. I was upset when I heard that one of his feet was missing too but I phoned the gardai and they told me he's all together now," she said.

It is believed Mr Gaffney may have been murdered by two brothers in west Dublin.

The two thugs were believed to have accused the victim of selling heroin to their addict sister.

It is suspected his body was dismembered in a bath in a house in Blanchardstown.

Gardai have also received a number of calls from the public after the murder probe featured on RTE's 'CrimeCall'.

Ms Gaffney said she has treasured memories of Manchester United-supporting brother playing PlayStation games with her sons.

But she said her mother was upset that a caller to a talk-radio show described her brother as "a scumbag who deserved what he got".

She said she also spoke with a psychic during the time of her brother's disappearance. She said the woman claimed her father's spirit was beside her and was "crying".

Said Rachel: "I asked me da if Chris was dead and felt a breeze on my arm and straight away I got a feeling in my heart that he was dead."

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