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Wednesday 21 February 2018

Family's dream of moving to Australia put on hold

Patricia McDonagh

THE volcanic ash cloud may have disrupted thousands of holiday plans -- but it has also put a spanner in the works for people trying to emigrate.

As airports across the country closed to the dismay of travellers, one man faced the prospect of putting his plans to start a new life in Australia on hold.

Tony McShane arrived in Dublin Airport with his family yesterday evening to say a tearful goodbye to the country he had lived and worked in.

However, the mechanic was forced to cancel his plans when the Irish Aviation Authority announced it would close the airport from 7pm until noon today because of the volcanic ash cloud.

"I was supposed to be flying out at 10pm tonight to Sydney. I lived there before and I am going back to live there again," he said.


"I came back to Ireland a few years ago, when things were buoyant, but everything has started to get really hard. I worked with a company in the North and work was just dying. It wasn't worth staying the way things were."

With his bags packed and ready to go, Mr McShane insists his family's plans have been completely disrupted because of the ash crisis.

"I will have to go back home to the North tonight and then come back to catch my 5.30pm flight," he said.

His partner, Roslyn Thornton, and three children were also devastated at the fact they would have to gear themselves up to say goodbye again.

And for Carlow-born Eamon Rea, the crisis was a severe blow to his plans to celebrate his son's 25th birthday in England.

"I'm going to be stuck here tonight and maybe tomorrow," he said. "I'm missing my son's birthday. And as well as that I only brought enough medicine with me to last the weekend over here. I'm a diabetic and I need my insulin."

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