Wednesday 11 December 2019

Family rescued as boat sinks

A family had a lucky escape last night after they were rescued by a nearby dinghy when their boat sank.

The four adults and two children were aboard a 17ft powerboat off the north coast of Co Donegal near Sheephaven Bay when their boat started taking on water around 4.30pm yesterday.

After receiving their distress call to 999, an operator at the Malin Head Coast Guard control centre said the boat sank within minutes of receiving the call.

"We got the call saying that the boat was taking in water and by the end of the conversation, about a minute later, it had sunk and the line went dead," he told the Irish Independent last night.

Fortunately, the family were all wearing life jackets and were rescued within five minutes after a nearby inflatable boat responded to the Mayday call.

Irish Independent

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